The Street of Silver Lining

I hear that in New York, where many people don’t drive, your coat is like your car. I figure I must have a good one, so mine is Italian.

I have the coat for a couple of seasons, and I receive enough compliments to keep wearing it when it’s cold out.

But, wear and tear is inevitable, especially with me driving. Last year I have the lining repaired. I try to do this again this year, but I cannot find the proper material to match and the tear in the lining is too severe.

I decide to change the lining.

I once read that the comedian Robin Williams checks his coat at the sort of New York establishment that has a coat check. To the coat check girl, the jacket appears ordinary; however the lining is bright orange.

She notes that this hidden flamboyance is very suitable to his character. I say he looks off his trolley just by looking at him.

I do not presume to have hidden flamboyance, nor am I a comedian. I want a color that looks both plush and presentable. I go for blue.

It is my favorite color since I am a kid, mostly on account the Mets. Blue balances the coat’s grey herringbone pattern, and a feng shui master might say it is good for wealth cultivation.

I am told by the tailor I should fetch the fabric myself. This being New York, there is a street for this sort of mission: West 39th Street.

It is just blocks from the Ruby Tuesday’s in Times Square, but you are more likely to walk into a stray hubcap than a tourist on this block.

The needle points me in the right direction.

I walk into about 10 stores before I am exhausted and settle on a shade at Super Star Fabrics.

Each store I visit without exception is owned by Bangladeshis with African stock boys. They all seem quite happy to help me with my possible $12 purchase.

I think they day dream through the work-day on a constant sugar high of eye candy. Many of their customers are young women who work in the fashion industry or who attend school to make it there.

Raz at Super Star confirms he likes his job serving streams of attractive women.

They should do a commercial for color printers in his store.

I select a roll of fabric, Raz pulls out his scissors and shears off four yards, what the tailor tells me is needed for the lining.

Fashion and football do have one thing in common: yards.

I bring my jacket to the tailor on a Saturday afternoon and retrieve it later that day. I request an extra pocket. I am one for symmetry, therefore I will need two pockets.

The new coat fits perfect. I am happy, though my wallet goes on a diet.

The only problem, I’m like a guy who gets a new tattoo. I have to find a way to show it off. Any suggestions?


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