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On Being Grateful and Jackson, Mississippi

I step off the century old ride feeling like I've just been in a car wreck. My friend Sebastian loses his cell phone during the ride. We make an attempt to recover it. We cut back through the line of thrill seekers waiting to defy death on the rickety wooden rollercoaster and inspect the carriages as they unload their passengers. Nothing. Sebastian fills out his name in a notebook that contains the day's entries of lost items. He takes it with good humor as he notes the names that fill four pages, detailing lost wallets, keys, cell phones, and sunglasses. I buy him a beer. (I feel bad over the whole incident because I am the last fateful caller. Somehow things may have been different if I do not make that call.) But, it is just a phone. As we walk to the Coney Island subway stop, we hike up the stairs and have a brief conversation before parting ways, he to the F train and I to the Q. We both agree on one thing; it’s just a thing. I mention religion. I don't know what I b