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I Got it So Good - Gospel Music in New York

Summer’s come and gone and with it outdoor concerts in the city.

Summerstage in Central Park and Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park are the season’s marquee events.

Less well known is the Martin Luther King Concert Series, held on Monday nights every summer for the last 30 years at Wingate Field in Brooklyn, near the end of the 2 train in Flatbush.

Though these concerts are the product of the same city government, they take place in almost an alternate reality.

I heard about them in an unlikely way. Before budget cuts, the New York Philharmonic performed one night every July in Prospect Park. Like any event in Brooklyn with more than 50 people in attendance, Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowitz appeared on stage, sounding off one-liners in his Sheepshead Bay accent.

“Last night’s concert in Central Park was a warm up for tonight’s show in Brooklyn.”

Markowitz went on to mention the various musical events taking place throughout the borough. The Celebrate Brooklyn concerts at the …